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A 10 panel comic I wrote and illustrated for The Los Angeles Times, which ran in the Latinx Files Newsletter. This comic is for all the first-gen kids who end up filling out a lot of paperwork on behalf of their spanish-speaking parents.

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I wanted to write this comic after realizing that although I resent having to complete annoying paperwork, I feel a lot more prepared and confident doing it than a lot of my peers. I really believe it has to do with the fact that I’ve been navigating random bits of paperwork since I was a kid and it has shaped me into a more competent — and possible type-A — adult. I don’t think this experience is unique to me. This comic is for those who have filled out paperwork for their parents, siblings, and even friends throughout their lives. And for my older sister, who, of course, was the first translator in the family, and who taught me well.