Gift Guide for Artist and Creatives Who Want to Level Up Their Content

Here’s my gift guide for artists and creatives who want to take their content creation more serious! 🎁 I know filming your creative process can be a total drag and the algorithm can make you wanna self-combust, but I swear sometimes the right gear can make the entire process just a tiiiiiiiny bit easier. These are some of my favorite things that I would literally re-buy if I lost and a lot of them make great gifts - minus a few pricey ones that might make great (possibly expensable) gifts to self.


A great little easel for anyone who works on an iPad or small sized pieces so they don't have to crank their neck. I also really like this for when you're filming your iPad and/or artwork process because it makes the shot much more interesting. It definitely helps set the scene more than just an iPad on a desk. The little drawer is great for storing extra art supplies too!


This desk arm paired with an phone holder is the perfect desk acessory for anyone who want to film overhead shots of their creative processs. You can of course get one that clamp right onto your desk, but I like the flexibility of just moving this one around on the surface, especially when you're trying to film quickly.


This is such a good gift for anyone who takes a ton of photos and videos on their phone! This USB drive lets you automatically download images/videos from your phone and transers them to the built-in USB drive. It organizes all your photos into folders by year and month so everything is organized, and then you can plug the USB end right into your computer for safe-keeping. Honestly, anyone with a phone needs this! PS. It can back up your contacts too!


Good audio makes even the most mid footage shine. Here's my budget friendly pick that I admittedly haven't tested myself, but it's what I would opt for at under $50. Great beginner mic set!


This is expensive, but it's worth it because it works on any USB-C, Lightning, or Standard Cameras. The audio is so crisp and it's easy to use!


Great budget friendly portable light that makes anyone look good. It's also magnetic so you can stick it practically anywhere for good lighting!


This is for anyone who needs to look good on Zoom WITHOUT ring lights reflecting in their eyes. It's compact enough to clamp onto a desk yet strong enough to really brighten your face. Plus, you can control how cool/warm the light is.


This compact tripod ONLY works with your phone, but I love it because it's so lightweight and extends to 51". It's really handy as a secondary tripod because the base is small — since it doesn't need to hold much weight — so it can fit in a lot of tight spaces. Plus you can use it vertically or horizontally and it rotates! Good for anyone filming in a lot of locations!


This is for the person who is running out of cloud storage AND hard drive space! Make their life easier with this fast and durable hard drive.  I have a bunch of hard drives I need to retire, and I'm thinking of upgrading to this one. I've worked the previous version before, and it was really fast and durable, so i'm hoping this lives up to its predecessor.

SONY ZV-E10 + 11mm F1.8 Lens

TBH a gift for yourself maybe? If you're looking to upgrade your camera from an iPhone, I really recommend the ZV-E10 because of the interchangeable lenses which allows you to get the professional look you're (probably) after. The kit lens works, but this lens will give you a creamy background that your phone can't achieve. The lens is the key part!REMINDER: Don't rush to get this until you've really maxed out the capabilities of your phone first. I just included this because ppl have asked me for it!